30 Russian Proverbs and Sayings full of wisdom

They are universal truths ready to be used at any moment and are filled with popular wisdom. Discover 30 Russian proverbs and sayings.

Russian Proverbs
Russian Proverbs

Like all peoples of the world, the Russian people have developed over the centuries a vast array of proverbs and sayings. These words, filled with popular wisdom, reflect the day-to-day lives of Russians and the way they look at the society around them. Proverbs are passed on from generation to generation and used in various situations. And, let’s face it, it’s hard to contradict them. Discover 30 Russian proverbs and sayings full of wisdom.


An open mouth leads to an open pit.

The greatest Russian military was the “general winter”.

Even the glory of the river ends in the sea.

The heart is a child who waits for what he desires.

Do not heat a house with the promise of firewood.

The snake changes skin, but not of nature.

Marriage is a penance.

Marriage is a funeral with music.

Knowing too much is getting old prematurely.

When you die, what you take is what you give.

The dog does not beat for bravery, but for fear.

Whoever has an enemy, does not sleep.

The dog is more sensible than the woman, because he does not bark at his master.

Falling is allowed, getting up is mandatory.

Whoever explains love, does not love any more.

A bird does not fly alone.

Without the cat, the mouse has no limits.

Life is short.

God does not give horns to the cows that like to horn.

Do not put all your eggs in one basket.

If you are afraid of wolves, do not go to the forest.

When money speaks, truth silences.

Every vegetable has its time.

Traveling is good, but home is better.

I am not afraid of the law, but of the judge.

You can fold a tree, gradually.

Good silence is more than a bad question.

In a time of little fishing, lobster is fish.

It is better to see once, than to hear a hundred times.

To remember the past and to ‘run after the wind.

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